Workshop facilitation & other content projects

A collection of workshops and publishing projects that I developed, contributed to, or facilitated. It spans user experience, content strategy, and community strategy.

Association of American Medical Colleges

Print outs of design thinking workshop materials for Association for American Medical Colleges' digital strategy team.

During the redesign of, the Digital Communications team lacked a clear and actionable strategy to make tactical design decisions. I led 2 design thinking (“voice of the audience”) workshops to help align our team around the business goals and user needs that the website should support.

The workshops helped us write design briefs that the Digital Communications Leadership Team used to facilitate conversations about content assessment and migration with subject matter experts throughout the organization. These conversations went well enough that we presented our plan to the AAMC Leadership Team to roll out strategic content briefs to guide subject matter experts during the phased content migration process.

The content briefs also helped align our digital strategy agency partner and our website design agency partner. We collaborated with them on creating these content briefs which included previous audience research, web analytics, and guidelines on content structure for each section of the new site.

For the design thinking workshop, I developed a framework for a product vision canvas to facilitate discussions amongst the Digital Communications team. I’m in the process of making the canvas open-source through a Creative Commons license. Drop me a note if you’d like to see it in the meantime.

CMX Media

Print out of online training course on the fundamentals of community strategy. Week two of the course focused on member alignment and community positioning. Another print out of an ebook on content strategy for community professionals.

CMX Media produces conferences, workshops, and training for the world’s largest network of community professionals. As a content developer, designer, and copy editor, I collaborated with the CEO and COO to produce a 4-week online training course on Fundamentals of Community Strategy. People said some nice things about the course and the sections I designed on user research and content strategy.

I also wrote a 35-page ebook, Content Strategy for Community Professionals, to help the audience implement content strategy at their companies after I did it for CMX Media. Drop me a note to view the course workbooks and the ebook.


Speculative design workshop for Human Centered Design & Engineering Master's degree capstone from the University of Washington.

FutureShift is a generative design workshop to forecast emerging trends in technology. We focused on ways that personalization and behavioral data could be used and misused.

The workshop was part of my Master’s capstone project for Human Centered Design & Engineering. I was the Visual Design Lead responsible for creating all printed workshop materials as well as concepting and facilitating the workshop. All members of the team contributed to the writing.

Interested in learning about speculative design, experimental design research, and design ethics? My team documented our process. Download our Process Book.

Reach for Change

Social impact reports from the nonprofit, Reach for Change.

Reach for Change is a Sweden-based non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the lives of children around the world. It does this by empowering local social entrepreneurs with seed funding, mentorship, and a support network. I was the editor for three social impact reports where I contributed to developmental editing, copy editing, and proofreading.

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