Hi, I’m Clem, a product content strategist who organizes and designs data. Some people call me a content designer; others call me a UX writer or information architect. I enjoy creating systems around data as much as writing for interfaces and conducting mixed methods research.

Jump right into specific sections if you want to learn about all the hats I wear on a project.

Content Strategy & UX Writing

I design with words. Without words, the interface will be, well, pretty empty. And unusable. Words are cheap to prototype with, to get to the heart of what’s most important to convey.

UX Design & Research

Every piece of software, website, or application contains content. Or data, when it lives in a database. I co-create with product, engineering, and design teams to iterate on expressing the right data, in the right place, in the right way.


I’ve done some editorial and graphic design work in the past. Other works like community strategy and speculative design workshops don’t neatly fit into the “UX” box but they give me a different lens to see a challenge.

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