Making digital smoking cessation tools more accessible for cancer patients

ICF Next PPT Template (new branding)

I am part of the team at ICF Next that is helping clinicians and researchers at cancer centers reach more cancer patients about quitting smoking. Because this project is under NDA, I can’t share specific details about the product we are developing.


Our team was tasked with developing a brand new digital product to help cancer centers increase smoking cessation rates among cancer patients. The challenge was in understanding a narrow audience with very specific needs and defining a fuzzy idea from concept to launch.


We started with formative research to define the problem space, and currently the product is in development and testing.

As a content strategist on the project, I helped lead the content-first effort. I contributed to the following areas of the design process:

  • Research planning and strategy
  • Documentation review and desk research
  • User interviews
  • Content modeling
  • Information architecture
  • Concept testing
  • Content development
  • UI writing

I worked closely with the project leadership team, subject matter experts, UX designers, and developers. Since we haven’t used a content-first approach with the team before, it has been a learning experience for all of us!


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