Designing a new visual identity for a technology (un)conference


InfoCamp Seattle is an unconference for information and technology professionals.

I designed the visual identity for the event in 2015 and in 2016. The branding was used in the newsletter sent to all attendees, all the social media profiles, business cards, event signage, and swag items.

The event organizers were looking for:

  • a design that was energetic and bold
  • a design that was professional but not too formal
  • a design with a color version and a black and white version
  • a design that draws inspiration from what drives InfoCamp Seattle: community, information, technology, libraries, and the Pacific Northwest.

InfoCamp 2016

I designed the visual identity for the event in 2016. The theme was Impact.



Business cards for promoting the event.

Infocamp 2017 koozie + sticker

Stickers and beverage holders that we gave out at the event.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 2.54.50 PM

It’s also incorporated into the event website!

InfoCamp 2015

I designed the logo and the type for the event in 2015. The theme was Community. You can access the style guide here.

Infocamp logo color 2

Infocamp 2015 logo sticker

Stickers my logo design given out at the event.

Infocamp logo white

InfoCamp Seattle 2015 logo on tote bag

Swag bag from the event.

InfoCamp Seattle Twitter

Twitter page for the event.

InfoCamp Seattle 2015 Facebook Post

Facebook post promoting the event.

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